QIN Bestiary + PDF Bundle


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Qin Bestiary

Game Line: Qin

Category: Sourcebook

Size: Softcover, 8.5" x 11", 110pp

Interior Art: B&W

Author: Romain d’Huissier, Jerome Larre, Kristoff and Neko.

Stock Code: CB7404

ISBN: 978-1-907204-15-9


Qin, exotic and fantastic! A land of myths, legends, superstitions and marvels…

From classic Dragons to exotic Foxwomen, Qin is full of many fantastic beings, the existence of which is laughed at in the cities but makes those in remote villages tremble.

Available as mysterious folklore or as foes to vanquish, you can discover the fantastic creatures of Qin to populate your adventures.

This supplement includes:

• A wealth of descriptions of fantastic creatures and NPCs related to the supernatural, as well as their detail and statistics.

• Three scenarios that face your players with the supernatural

• And new spells, powers, martial techniques, and objects of legend...