Jewel of the Empire + PDF Bundle


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Victoriana 2nd Edition Sourcebook

Softcover; 228 pages; 8.5" x 11"

ISBN: 978-1-907204-37-1

Stock Code: CB7206

Author: Walt Ciechanowski


A land of mystery and ancient secrets, subjugated by the power of Empire. India, the jewel in England’s imperial crown.

It is a land that has brought the English riches and tribute for many years, managed by the vast British East India Company. The nation has fascinated the English, influencing their art, science and even cuisine. However, it is a land they cannot hope to understand as they continue to hold its beauty in an iron grip.

For all their power and magic, there are forces in India that the colonial powers can scarce imagine. Deep in the hidden temples and ancient cities lie ancient secrets from a time before the polite divisions of Order and Chaos. Dark cults harness forgotten magic to do battle with the invaders. Mysterious secrets from the dawn of time wait after millennia to be released upon the world once more.

Welcome to India, where nothing is as it seems… except the darkness.

In this book you will find:

•A complete guide to the fascinating country of India in the Victorian age

•Comprehensive detail on the culture, castes, varna and religions of this mysterious country to help both Gamemasters and players understand the particulars of 19th century Indian culture

•A description of the British East India Company, the corporate power that controls the country on behalf of the very distant British government, and how it seeks to take greater power and autonomy from the crown

•Expanded character options for both Indian characters and the colonial powers who rule them, useful for adventures set in India itself or even the in streets of London

•A campaign that takes the characters into the bloody and terrible revolution, ‘The Indian Mutiny’