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Victoriana 2nd Edition Adventure

Softcover; 42 Pages

ISBN: 978-0-9555423-5-0

SKU: CB7204

Author: Kristian A. Bjorkelo


The noted doctor, Reginald Cantwell, has recently returned from holiday in Egypt and brought back with him a surprisingly rich tourist’s trove of quaint artefacts, crumbly papyrus scrolls, and even a full-fledged mummy in an ornately decorated sarcophagus. He intends to proudly display his gains to friends and colleagues at his grand home in Marylebone, topping the evening off by demonstrating his medical prowess by unwrapping and examining the mummy. Unfortunately nefarious forces seek to steal artefacts from the collection, and others seek to use the theft to resurrect the mummy!

The Marylebone Mummy is an intriguing and action-packed adventure for Victoriana 2nd Edition.