Living Legends RPG

Living Legends RPG

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Game Line: Living Legends

Category: Core Rulebook

Size: 158 pages, Soft Cover, 8.5" x 11"

Interior Art: Black and White

Author: Jeff Dee

Stock Code: CB77503

ISBN: 978-0-85744-093-8


Living LegendsTM expands the Villians and VigilantesTM world setting with a hypercharged new game system!

Living LegendsTM is the latest superhero role-playing game from Jeff Dee, co-creator of the classic superhero RPG Villains & VigilantesTM. Living LegendsTM features point-based character creation with optional random generation, over 80 distinct and open-ended powers with an extensive array of enhancement and limitation options, 19 detailed character weaknesses, and exciting fast-paced combat.

Living LegendsTM introduces brand new information on many of the nations, lost regions, time periods, alien worlds and alternate dimensions of the V&VTM universe.

Living LegendsTM is fully illustrated by Villians and VigilantesTM artist Jeff Dee.