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Game Line: Qin: The Warring States

Category: Supplement

Size: 144pp softcover

Interior Art: B&W

Author: Florrent and Neko et al

Stock Code: CB7405

ISBN: 978-1-907204-57-9


The Art of War is a supplement for Qin: The Warring States dedicated to war, the military life and descriptions of the armies and martial mentality of ancient China. In a world full of change and a permanent state of war, it is essential to understand the wheels of the martial policy of the Warring States combatants in order to take into account this military dimension in the scenarios and campaigns which the Game Master will run.

The armies are marching! The Warring States must prepare for war! The unification of all that exists under the Heavens is on the horizon! What part will the characters play in the coming conflicts? Where will they stand on the battlefields during the conflicts that will decide the future of ancient China?

The Art of War contains:

•A general overview of the military policies of The Warring States combatants across all of its aspects (strategy, daily life of soldiers, the use of machines of war, military history, organisation of the armies, hierarchy, etc).

•Extensive descriptions of the armies of each State (elite forces, strengths and weaknesses, personalities, etc).

•Rules allowing to manage battles in the course of play, whatever their scale and manpower, and the impact that the characters can have at all levels (from the middle of the fray, leading their own unit or as a general).

•Details to help the players immerse their characters in a military environment.

•Rules for the Game Master to help construct military campaigns and scenarios of explore this side of the world.

•Two complete scenarios utilising the rules herein.

•Lots of NPCs to use in your campaigns and scenarios.

And lots more – including new styles of combat, new weapons, legendary objects, etc