The Smoke + PDF Bundle

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*Due March 2012*

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Game Line: Victoriana 2nd Edition

Category: City Sourcebook

Size: 160 page Soft Cover

Interior Art: Black and White

Author: Andrew Peregrine

Stock Code: CB7210

ISBN: 978-0-85744-077-8


The soul of a nation, the heart of an Empire.

Welcome to the greatest city in the world. For nearly a thousand years it has stood against fire, plague and revolution, and still it endures.

Thousands flock to the city looking for a new life, only to become fuel for the fire of industry or be broken by vice and despair. But not everyone seeks the wealth of the capital, for amidst the rookeries and old places of the city there is old magic woven into the very stones.

London brings the world to your door; spices from the east, fine linen, fashions from Paris, mysterious artefacts from forgotten nations, opium, absinthe and many other dark delights. There are a thousand temptations and a million ways to enjoy them, and they all await you in the Smoke.

In this book you will find:

•An overview of the sights and sounds of the vast metropolis, detailing what it is like to live in London, whatever your station in life.

•Detail on how to get around the city, how to find a cab, a hospital, a messenger, the police or even more disreputable company.

•A breakdown of the city into its many districts, each with their own distinct flavour.

•A selection of NPCs and adventure hooks to draw you into London’s fog-shrouded streets.