The Havering Adventures + PDF Bundle

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Game Line: Victoriana 2nd Edition

Category: Adventure Supplement

Size: 128pp softcover

Interior Art: B&W

Author: Andrew Peregrine, et al

Stock Code: CB7209

ISBN: 978-0-85744-037-2


Suave. Sophisticated. And deadly... Meet the Haverings, Victoriana's most infamous family: Nathaniel, head of the family and proof that the upper classes aren't always in charge; beautiful and decadent Susanna, Nathaniel's distinctly improper wife; Jonathan, fallen to terrible vice; Selina, a survivor from the gutter and the family's moral heart; Tobin, wizardly academic with a criminal side; and Patterson, because every now and then a gentleman needs a manservant to put the boot in...

Havering Adventures provides full statistics for the Haverings, for use either as player characters or NPCs, and three action-packed ready-to-play adventures showcasing the Haverings' unique talents.

- In "Lost Luggage", track down a rogue suitcase with some very unusual contents.

- In "Behold, the Valiant ones shall cry", take to the skies in a luxury airship brimming with intrigue and secrets.

- In "Dead Man's Hand", learn the secrets of a strange artefact being exchanged across the poker tables of London. Havering Adventures also contains a wealth of detail on the Victoriana setting, including horse racing, the Royal Family, and poker.

And remember, as Nathaniel Havering says, "It's not really gambling unless you have something to lose..."

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