Faulkner's Millinery and Miscellanea + PDF Bundle

Faulkner's Millinery and Miscellanea + PDF Bundle

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Victoriana 2nd Edition Sourcebook

Softcover; 192 Pages

ISBN: 978-0-9555423-4-3

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The World, brought to you for less than 4 Shillings!

From Alexander Faulkner esquire, celebrated shopkeeper and compulsive traveller, comes the definitive guide to the finest goods and services from across the Empire. Faulkner’s 1867 guide is presented in several categories, each featuring the advice and recommendations of a recognised expert:

•Paris-born socialite Lady Delphine Signoret provides an indispensable guide to fashion for both ladies and gentlemen.

•August Hosterman, one of Sotherby’s most knowledgeable salesmen and valuers, provides detail on a variety of objects useful both in the home and on expeditions!

•Major Richard Harrold (Ret) is on hand to ensure you have the correct protection to face danger like a true Englishman.

•Talented engineer Mr Clouston gives us his detailed view of all manner of modern contraptions from the world of mechanical science, including clockwork and steam power!

•Miss Jessamine Golightly, of the renowned Eldren family of Saxifrage Fellghast-Golightly offers her expertise on the arcane materials found in the capital’s magical suppliers.

•Lady Priyadarshini Sinjun-Smythe explains with powerful foreign insight several wonders from Africa, Arabia, India and the Orient.

•Mister Robert Gadsby esquire is your indispensable guide to the modes of travel over land, sea and air.

•Finally, the renowned agency of Pratt, Bingley and Morrison advertises the services of their more renowned clients as our final chapter.

Faulkner’s guide is the essential Victorian-era lifestyle guide and equipment book.