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In Keltia, you are one of the heroes of the Dark Ages in the time of Arthur, when Britain was still a land of legends. Take part in the great battles sung of by the bards. Travel from the court of kings to the boundaries of the Island of Beli the Great, perhaps even enter the mists of the Otherworld. Maybe you will witness the end of the time of legends and the arrival in history of the greatest hero of Britain that will ever be: Arthur Pendraeg.

You might be a clan warrior, a druid, a bard or a mage. Myrddin the Elder may guide you to search for the forgotten gods, hidden treasures and conspiracies to foil, taking you to the darkest forests, the mists of enchanted isles and haunted cairns. The bards will sing of your feats for centuries to come.

Companions of the Dragon King, children of Ynys Prydein, prepare to become legends!

Keltia is set on the isle of Ynys Prydein; the Romans knew this land as Britannia, whilst you may know it as Great Britain. It is set in the real world, at the end of the 5th Century AD, but with the premise that Arthurian legends and Celtic mythology is all real.

Arthur Pendraeg stands ready to take the throne, advised by the high druid Myrddin the Elder. Magic is real if rare, wielded only by those who have the blood of the Tylwyth Teg, the Faerie People, in their veins. There are monsters abroad in the world, if one knows where to look, carogne and coblynau and gryphons. Perhaps there are dragons out there too, slumbering somewhere in this world.

In Keltia you play one of the heroes of Ynys Prydein, chosen by Destiny for some greater, as yet unrevealed purpose. You might play a taciturn clan warrior, a quarrelsome bard, an enigmatic druid, a boastful cymbrog or an aloof mage.

There is renown to be earned and riches to be won, for those brace enough to seize them!

Keltia uses the same system as found in Yggdrasill, a quick and simple set of mechanics, designed for fast-paced, exciting and heroic actions! It uses ten-sided dice – d10s – and each player will need between 5 and 10.

To make a test, a player rolls a number of d10 equal to his Characteristic. He then picks his two best results, adds them together along with a Skill and compares them to a target number (typically 14). If a 10 is rolled, the player may roll the dice again and add that to the total along with the 10.

The heroes of Keltia have a pool of strength and fury that they can draw upon to spur them onto greater deeds – this is their Furor pool, and they may expend it to roll extra dice in a test.

You can read more about all of the above in the Keltia Core Rulebook, which will be available to pre-order next week!

Keltia is written by Neko, Florrent, Thibault Dapremont and Kristoff Valla, and illustrated by Antonio Jose Manzanedo Luis, Jerome Hugenin, Florrent, David Lecossu, Nicolas Jamme and Xavier Colette.

240 pages, black and white interior, hardcover

All orders of Keltia come with a complementary PDF of the game.