The Doctors Sourcebooks Complete Set


The Doctors Sourcebooks Complete Set

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The Doctors Sourcebook series is complete! (For now at least...)

Volumes One to Eleven catalogue every single televised adventure the Doctor has ever had. Every single adventure write up is accompanied by ideas and tips on how to run something similar in your own Doctor Who RPG games.

The era of each Doctor is thematically analysed and laid out for you to emulate in your games.

His friends and enemies are measured and statted for you to use at the gaming table.

The Doctors Sourcebooks are an invaluable collection of Doctor Who lore. They are a great read for any fan of the show.

On your shelf they make a resounding statement that you know Who.

And because they're made published by Cubicle 7 they are of course, gorgeous.

All eleven sourcebooks are currently available in PDF, with the First to the Ninth in print. The Tenth and Eleventh Sourcebooks are being printed right now.

When we initially launched the series we offered a subscription deal for all eleven Sourcebooks at 160 pages. Our subscribers got a lot more than that, with the Fourth, Eighth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctor Sourcebooks clocking in at much higher page counts. And we loved providing that value to our fellow Who fans.

And we'd like to do it again.

To celebrate reaching the end of the series we're offering you the chance to buy all eleven sourcebooks for the price of ten. The complete collection is available exclusively here at our web store.

We'll send you volumes one to nine right away, and send along ten and eleven just as soon as they come off the presses.

Each purchase comes with free PDFs for all of the sourcebooks so that you can enjoy them on the move on your e-reader or ipad. As well as a fabulous collection of beautiful books, it's the perfect searchable database of Who knowledge at your finger tips.

“We’re in a library! Books! The best weapons in the world!”


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