The Doctor Sourcebooks - Subscription Deal 3 - All the PDFs


To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, we are releasing a series of Doctor Sourcebooks for the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space roleplaying game.

Each book will take an in-depth look at an incarnation of the Doctor, featuring his companions, enemies, allies, gadgets and more. We will present each of his adventures, giving an overview of the action and themes, exploring how you can use them in your games. We’ll also give you suggestions for further adventures based on the events depicted.

As well as being packed with information for use in your games, the books will be full of images from that Doctor’s incarnation, and will be a wonderful fan resource for the show’s history. We’re even keeping the first two in black and white to stay true to the feel of the show!

The physical books will be US letter-size (standard RPG size, 8.5”x11”)and 160 pages long with a hard cover. The First and Second Doctor Sourcebooks will feature full colour covers and period-appropriate black and white interior; all the others will be in full colour throughout. We have commissioned a montage of the eleven Doctors, which will run across the spines of the Sourcebooks when they are on the shelf.

Subscription deal

We’re offering time-limited subscription deals to give fans of the game a way to get themselves a great deal on these books, have them sent as soon as they are available, and to support us in the creation of this series.

Deal 3 – All the PDFs

This includes:

  • PDF versions of all 11 titles: The First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth and Tenth Doctor Sourcebooks, plus the Eleventh Doctor Sourcebook One.
  • All Doctor Who short PDF-only products released in 2013 (at least three)

The MSRP for these books will be $220/£135 – the subscription deal is $180/£110, a saving of $40/£25 – two books free!



The First Doctor Book is due to be delivered in April, with the PDF being available in February. The Second Doctor Book is almost complete; the majority of the writing is finished on the Third and Fourth Doctor books and the Fifth and Sixth are underway. We aim to release a book every other month as a minimum, and hope to bring them out quicker than that. Of course, unanticipated delays can crop up, and in this case we will communicate with you on progress. In any case, subscribers will receive the PDFs as soon as they are available.

Cancellation and refunds

If, for whatever reason, you need to cancel your subscription, we will refund your subscription fee in proportion to the number of books you have already received – for example, if you need to cancel after the 3rd book of deal one, you will receive a refund of 8/11 of the total paid.