Umläut:: Game of Metal

Umläut:: Game of Metal

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Game Line: Umläut:: Game of Metal

Category: Core Rulebook

Size: 74 Pages; Softcover; 8.5" x 11"

Interior Art: B&W

Author: Rich Stokes

Stock Code: CB76300

ISBN: 978-0-85744-000-6


Indie RPG Awards 2009 Nominee

E14 Award: Best Game Release in Another Genre 2010 - Winner


Heavy Metal. The very name itself drips with power, testosterone and hairspray. Warriors on the stage of history, wielding their axes and mics as they do battle for glory!

Trusts are forged and betrayed, mighty empires rise and fall. Ultimately, the only truth worth living for is Metal.

Long of hair and tight of pants, you join the ranks of Metal in your quest for babes, booze and glory. Try to Make It Big and hunt down an elusive record contract.

These are the heroes of an age.

This is their story.

Umläut: Game of Metal is a competitive storytelling game which gives each player the chance to create and control of their own Heavy Metal band. Simple mechanics let you chart their career as they rehearse, play gigs, fight among themselves and pull crazy publicity stunts.

Will you make it big, or are your records destined to languish in the discount bin of obscurity? Can you hold your band together when the going is rough, or will you self destruct in a drug-fuelled clash of egos?

Find out, in... Umläut: Game of Metal!

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