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You race through the tangled forest, chased by a mob of vicious Giaks. Somewhere in the distance a pack of Doomwolves howls. Up ahead you can hear the roar of the waterfall, cutting off your path.

What do you do next?”

In The Lone Wolf Adventure Game you decide!

The Lone Wolf Adventure Game you are Kai Lords – brave and noble warrior-monks sworn to protect the realm of Sommerlund from the evil of the Darklords – adventuring across the world of Magnamund. You and your friends will face terrifying enemies and uncover fiendish plots, working together to overcome the wicked plans of the Darklords and emerge victorious!

The game is playable right out of the box – you can be setting off on your first adventure within minutes of opening the box. The game is easy to learn too, the first adventure teaching you how to play.

As you grow in experience, additional features can be added in to give the game additional depth. There are a bunch of these included in the boxed set, and more will be included in forthcoming supplements. Experienced gamers can dive right in with all the options included, while new gamers can tailor the learning curve to their group.

Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf gamebooks introduced a whole generation to fantasy gaming – now the legend continues with The Lone Wolf Adventure Game. Epic quests, thrilling combat, and a world of dangerous adventure lie ahead!

This beautiful boxed set contains:

• Read This First guide

• 6 adventure-ready Kai Lords 

• Book of Kai Legends (80 pages, softcover, full colour interior)

• Book of Kai Training (64 pages, softcover, full colour interior)

• Book of Kai Wisdom (96 pages, softcover, full colour interior)

• Tokens and counters

• Handouts and reference sheets

• Map of Sommerlund

You can grab the Read This First guide as a free PDF here.

The Book of Kai Legends is where your adventure begins. Once you’re done reading the Read this First sheet, round up a group of friends and start reading through the book. It explains, step by step, what you need to do and how to play your first adventure in Magnamund. If you’re planning on being a Player, you should leave this book alone lest you spoil your enjoyment of the adventures!

The Book of Kai Training details everything you could possibly want to know about your Kai Lord, from what your Kai disciplines do to how to resolve a simple test. It describes Joe Dever’s wonderful world of Magnamund, as well as providing many more details about the Kai Order and their duties. It is the ideal starting point for any Player as it also contains loads of practical advice.

The Book of Kai Wisdom contains all the rules in one place as well as loads more information about Magnamund. You’ll probably want to have at least one game under your belt before you read it though. It’s a good book for Narrators to read after they’ve played through The Lost Caravan, but it’s a good idea for Players to read it too.

The Ready-Made Action Charts contain ready-made Kai Lords so you can start playing right away! Each Action Chart depicts a Kai Lord. It also contains some of the numbers and rules you’ll need to know to play them. On the opposite side you’ll find a slightly more complicated version of the Kai Lord, to use once you’ve got used to the rules.

The Blank Action Charts are used to write your own Kai Lords on – great for when you’ve played a few adventures and want to create your own Kai Lord.

Box Lid – You’ll find a table of random numbers (from 0 to 9) printed inside both halves of the box. These are used to pick random numbers during the game.

Player Tokens – There are six of these tokens, each printed with a different icon on one side and a different portrait on the other. Each Player has their own one of these, and when they need to pick a random number they flip or drop it into the box lid. Whichever number it lands on is the number they’ve picked.

Narrator Tokens – There are six of these tokens, each printed with a different icon. These are used exactly as above, but they are used by the Narrator instead!

Luck Token – These double-sided tokens have the face of the noble god Kai on one side, and the face of the evil god Naar on the other. When you need to make a Luck test, you just flip one of the tokens up into the air. If Kai’s face is showing, luck is on your side! If Naar’s face is showing, misfortune has struck!

Kai’s Favour Tokens are used by Players to keep track of their Kai’s Favour.

The Combat Results Chart is a handy reference for when you get stuck into combat. To use it, you subtract your foe’s Combat Skill from your Kai Lord’s Combat Skill and make a note of the result. You then pick a random number and cross-reference both numbers on the chart. The result is how much Endurance both combatants lose.

The Equipment List lists the prices of pretty much everything your Kai Lord will want to buy in the game , as well as depicting it so that everybody has a good idea of what it all looks like.

Map of Sommerlund – Every Kai Lord has a map of their home nation of Sommerlund with them, and this allows you to see where your adventure is taking place.

The Lone Wolf Adventure Game is written by Joe Dever, August Hahn, Vincent Lazzari, Richard Harrison, Gary Astleford and Andrew Kenrick, with illustrations by Jon Hodgson and Scott Purdy, maps by Francesco Mattioli and layout and design by Paul Bourne.

The Lone Wolf Adventure Game Boxed Set has a deliberately low price to be attractive and affordable to new gamers.

Get ready for the greatest adventure of your life!  

All orders for The Lone Wolf Adventure Game come with a complementary PDF of the game.

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