Maps of Magnamund Collection - Set 3


The World of Lone Wolf, brought to you in greater detail than ever before!

The Maps of Magnamund are a collection of beautiful maps of the setting for Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf. Illustrated by Francesco Mattioli, they combine a highly detailed colour map on the front, with a world grid and useful background information about the map area depicted on the reverse.

Many new geographical features are included, along with special sites and locations never revealed before. There are also scenario ideas for RPG adventures specific to each area.

Each map takes an in-depth look at a region of Magnamund. Set 3 contains maps of the following regions:

09 Bor and the Hammerlands

10 Lencia

11 Drakkarim Homelands and the Hellswamp

12 Ixia and the Hardlands

The Map Boards measure 233mm x 328mm (approximately 9″ x 13″) and are printed in colour on strong 300gsm art board. They are very collectible and ideal for mounting and framing.